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London high street set for April rebound as non-essential shops open doors

12 April 2021
London Issue

London is set to receive a big retail boost in April as shoppers flock to stores after months of lockdown.

  • Technology

Advanced automated retail betting terminals to transform sector and make betting fun and safe again in the post-Covid world

Orchadia Systems’ new innovative gaming platform is combining state of the art artificial intelligence, video analysis and ID detection technology,…

6 April 2021
  • Business

Omnio prepares for further growth with launch of a EUR 30m Pre-IPO Convertible Bond in a funding round led by GrayBella Capital

Omnio is a fast-growth pre-IPO banking infrastructure leader based in London.

25 March 2021
  • Technology

Nivo and Sercle launch new partnership providing enhanced mobile tools for 130 Credit Unions and their members

With Sercle and Nivo joining forces to bring new integrated services to Credit Unions, members are set to benefit from…

10 March 2021
  • World

World Lab Technologies and Alexandr Jucov aim to bring about a new era of abundance by addressing societal issues with the launch of The Foundation

A foundation run by World Lab Technologies will require a common vision and shared belief amongst a few of the…

25 February 2021

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