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Cybersmile and Ten Toes reveal impact of online abuse with edited selfies campaign for Stop Cyberbullying Day

20 June 2022
London Issue

The Cybersmile Foundation and creative agency Ten Toes have revealed a new campaign for Stop Cyberbullying Day featuring bruised Premier…

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Startups are thriving in a new era for modern business

While a significant percentage of startups still inevitably fail, thousands are thriving. It has ushered in the beginning of a…

10 June 2022
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JustTip wins Best New Tech Startup at Tech Excellence Awards 2022

European tech startup JustTip has been awarded Best New Tech Startup at this year’s Tech Excellence Awards 2022, held last…

26 May 2022
  • UK

UK economic growth is slowing

Economic growth has slowed in the UK as we can see in the February data that was recently released by…

4 May 2022
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RSBC reveals new centre in London for blind children – The Richard Desmond Life Without Limits Centre

The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC), a national charity that works with vision-impaired children and young people, has unveiled…

13 April 2022