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World Mental Health Day: A deeper connection with entrepreneurs today

As entrepreneurs, we tend to devote more time to our business, neglecting our personal lives in all situations. Today, however,…

10 October 2021
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London businesses report increase in domestic sales as economy recovers

Double the number of London businesses have reported an increase in domestic sales in Q3 as optimism rises for a…

8 October 2021
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London making a comeback outside the EU as banks go on a hiring spree

London has been at the centre of a frantic hiring spree as the world’s top banks double down on a…

7 October 2021
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London economy growing at fastest pace in 7 years with increased business activity

With international trade on the rise and Covid restrictions finally being lifted, all signs point to London's economy booming in…

26 June 2021
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New agreement reached between Silwana Diamond and ADA in Guinea-Bissau

Silwana Diamond Group announced their new agreement with ADA for oil exploration in the region to help boost local production.

23 June 2021