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Alexander Ron showcases style in Instagram snaps during London Fashion Week

© Alexander Ron | Instagram

Alexander Ron took to Instagram to showcase his unique style in a few snaps during London Fashion Week. Fashion sense no doubt comes naturally to this digital creator. Pictured outside The Hop Exchange, attending fashion brand Rixo SS23 London Fashion Week Presentation, Alexander was wearing a black military-style buttoned jacket paired with black boots and an incredibly stylish pair of flared trousers.

You may already know Alexander Ron – the digital creator who has made headlines over the last few months as he was named the digital editor at a prestigious Condé Nast publication.

Alexander regularly gives his followers an insight into fashion from his Instagram stories, and we have to say, we love them!

© Alexander Ron | Instagram

Alexander has no doubt been busy. In a recent interview, Alexander talked about some of his favourite leisure activities and what he enjoys doing: “I am a car enthusiast, so I love motorsport. I also adore art and traveling, exploring different places, and discovering unique cultures. I am a big social person, so I value social activities. The leisure activities I enjoy are meeting my friends and going out for drinks like coffee, shakes, or even a glass of wine! Countryside visits, attending museums and exhibitions, and even trying out new bars and restaurants.” Alexander also talked about one of his most prominent career highlights; what stuck out to us was the fact that he had pitched his final degree project to Anna Wintour at the Condé Nast College 2020 graduate showcase exhibition.

From working with ITV Studios to climbing the ranks and getting promoted to digital editor for a prestigious Condé Nast publication, all within 12 months of graduating with a BA (Hons) Degree from Condé Nast College – this young talent is taking the industry by storm. In one of his interviews, Alexander says: “It is not just about how badly you want it; it is how hard you are willing to work for it.” We cannot wait to see what Alexander Ron’s future has in store for us next!