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Could this change online dating for the better? The Flamingo Club reveals its brand new online nightclub venue

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Online nightlife has been a growing phenomenon in the past year, and with young people looking for new ways to meet, a British company has set out to change how we socialise. 

The Flamingo Club is providing clubbers and young people a fun way to try a different kind of nightlife with a unique online experience that captures all the right moods of a night out. The atmospheric and intimate venue, in digital form, has developed a social scene that captures the vibes of traditional clubbing with many additional benefits. Londoners who are looking for an alternative to online dating can get a head-start with The Flamingo Club when they join, and dress up to reveal their best night out looks in style.

Providing a free and premium membership offer, The Flamingo Club allows users over the age of 18 to sign up to the platform to create their own unique media profiles. However, keeping in line with the strict dress codes of night club life, people need to be wearing a certain attire to be accepted by ‘The Bouncers’.

DJs are encouraged to broadcast live mixed sets directly from their channels through live stream in the website’s ‘Entertainment Rooms’. This means the members can access a wide range of music genres with the option to invite others to watch them together.

The Flamingo Club’s unique ‘Dancefloor’ with music from DJ Jaessin also welcomes its members to join in the fun.

The social scene is also taking a new twist as The Flamingo Club recently introduced winks, one-to-one chat options, video dates and many more other ways to interact. Members can build their media profile within minutes, upload a gallery of photos and start exploring the club to find new connections and people to hang out with. The popular ‘dance floor’ feature allowing members to showcase their latest outfits and dresses has also helped new sign ups stand out from the crowd and find connections in the club. 

Safety and security is also paramount like you would have in a traditional night club with ‘The Bouncers’ helping out the members to make sure people are having a good time and not breaking the rules. Members are able to remember who they interacted with thanks to an interaction tracker to stay in touch with old friends.

With dating apps at saturation point, the founders of The Flamingo Club wanted to set themselves apart by helping people making genuine new connections in an intimate setting. The dating scene is long overdue a dramatic transformation with many Londoners seeking an alternative form of nightlife to meet new people and socialise, what better way for them to get that all-important night out with a new online and interactive experience. 

Have you considered getting into the online nightlife scene? Register for free now at www.TheFlamingo.Club

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