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Dutch charter company Hyer introduces jet sharing model in London

© Hyer

Hyer, a Dutch-based aircraft charter broker, has launched its jet sharing concept in London. After using a similar formula to support the repatriation of stranded passengers last year, the company is applying the same model to the leisure market.

The concept works like an extra-comfortable UberPool with wings. Passengers can initiate their own flights or join flights offered by others. They can fly in private planes for a fraction of the cost, while offsetting the carbon emissions of their flights. From London, routes are available to some of Britain’s favourite holiday destinations, including Ibiza, Cannes and Amsterdam.

With European countries relaxing their travel restrictions, holidaymakers have started to think about travelling safely. However, due to security measures put in place by airports, travellers are having to spend more time on their air travel. In April, waiting times at London Heathrow Airport were “well over two hours and up to six hours”, according to Chris Garton, Heathrow’s chief solutions officer.

According to a report published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the time passengers spend in the airport could reach 5.5 hours per journey if travel demand reaches 75% of pre-crisis levels.

Chartering a plane is the best way to save time and reduce touch points during a flight, but it doesn’t fit the budget of many travellers. To solve this problem, Hyer is launching its jet sharing model to meet the demand of travellers who want the benefits and security of private aviation but don’t have the budget to charter an entire aircraft.

“When you split the cost of a private flight between seven passengers, it becomes more attractive and fits into the budget of more people,” explains Helder Reis, customer experience director. “Our pricing starts from just £890 per seat.”

The service merges the benefits of private flights, such as avoiding busy airport terminals, long immigration and security queues, and crowded aircraft cabins, with the cost-benefit of sharing the flight price with other travellers. There is a maximum of seven passengers on each flight, and passengers can only arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure.

Flights depart from London airports on various dates, depending on demand. It is possible to book scheduled flights or join flights initiated by other passengers. Customers simply pay the full price of the ticket once the flight has been confirmed. All bookings are made online.

“We are also aware of the environmental impact caused by the aviation industry,” explains Max van Doorne, Business Development Manager. “Larger scale private electric aircraft are unfortunately quite far away. That’s why Hyer offsets 100% of the emissions from its shared flights by investing in certified offset projects.”

The first flights from London are available to book and new flights are being updated weekly.