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Applifting accepted into London & Partners’ Mayor’s International Business Programme Membership

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Software and application development specialists, Applifting, have joined the London & Partners‘ Mayor’s International Business Programme (MIBP), boosting its partnership ambitions.

The Mayor’s flagship programme has been helping companies across London strategise their growth plans with tailored support to help them expand internationally. Applifting’s inclusion in the programme sets the software specialists on a path to continued growth, as they will be promoted as a leading technology business in England’s capital city – joining Britain’s fastest growing companies. With help from the MIBP, Applifting will be able to partner with more businesses to help them energise their digital and online productivity and presence.

The MIBP is run by London & Partners, a business growth agency dedicated to creating resilient, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth. Specifically, Applifting will be taking advantage of the partnerships and ventures that the programme can create in order to promote the software specialists and reach more businesses.

Jan Hauser, CEO of Applifting, said, “Our priority as a company is to maximise the positive impact technology can have by creating software with a purpose.”

With Britain’s software and IT sector playing a major role in boosting exports around the world, Applifting will benefit from access to experts across the industry through the new programme membership.

“We seek projects that help users, and we validate the products we work on to make sure that the problem we are solving is real. This is how we ensure we make the best use of our time and expertise and our client’s resources to ensure successful outcomes across the board,” said Hauser.

Announcing their acceptance into the programme today, Applifting’s CEO commented, “We’re thrilled to join London & Partners‘ Mayor’s International Business Programme. It’s great to find an organisation with similar values to our own, and we see the programme as key to securing the client partnerships we are looking for in the future.”

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the MIBP helps ambitious scaleups from London’s technology, life sciences, creative, and urban sectors to expand their businesses internationally.

The free 12-month programme provides world-class support and advice for international business success, including bespoke, on-the-ground support in key global markets. The MIBP is supported by its partners including Ciklum, and Microsoft.

Karen Sandhu, Head of the Mayor’s International Business Programme at London & Partners, said, “I am delighted to welcome Applifting to the Mayor’s International Business Programme (MIBP).”

“To date, the MIBP has helped more than 1,000 high-growth London companies win business in international markets, creating more than 1,700 jobs for the global economy. We are extremely proud to be shining a light on what London’s fastest-growing businesses have to offer overseas.”

As London continues to attract record inward investment across a number of industries, the MIBP has been playing a central role in supporting the success of British startups and companies that have chosen to build their products and services in the U.K.

Last year, tech startups in the capital raised more than £18bn, making London the world’s 4th most attractive destination for VC investment in the world according to the latest figures.

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