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Angell appoints PURPLE to handle communications in the UK & Europe

The Angell Bike in Silver as designed by Ora Ito. / © Angell

Angell, one of the world’s lightest electric bikes, has appointed PURPLE’s London office to handle all communications in the UK and Europe. PURPLE will oversee launches, influencers, events and partnerships throughout these markets. The first bike designed by French designer Ora Ito, Angell combines powerful smart-tech with futuristic design.

Founded in 2018 by Marc Simoncini, former founder of meetic, and Jules Trecco, Angell is rooted in a desire to reimagine everyday cycling to preserve our cities for the future. Designed to enhance the eco-responsibility and safety of our urban environments, the ultra-light Angell Bikes pack power with innovative, user-driven technology that curates an unparalleled cycling experience bespoke to each cyclist.

Weighing less than 16kg with a distinctive ultra-sleek, streamlined frame, Angell Bikes are built with the city-dweller’s needs in mind. Rechargeable in just two hours, smart in-built technology protects riders with a vibrating cockpit and the ability to send a fall alert via text to a chosen contact. High-security features render Angell Bikes ‘theft-proof’ and low maintenance, as automatic lockup, geolocation and motion detectors, and a visual alarm system means the e-bike takes care of itself. The highly intuitive bicycle boasts speeds of 25km/h, an autonomy of 70km and three riding modes – free ride, navigation and sport – seamlessly activated at the touch of a button.

Committed to global efforts to build sustainable cities, Angell is designed for future living without compromising mobility. The brand’s recently launched Angell Lab commits a portion of its turnover and mentoring support to projects dedicated to enhancing cities and the lives of its residents. In response to social distancing policies implemented throughout Europe earlier this year, Angell Lab issued a call out for innovative initiatives that would improve cycling around Paris and garnered over 100 applications.

Angell Bikes retail at 2860€ or 79.50€ in monthly installments (Euro)