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Papalook ramps up its business expansion in Europe with London advertising campaign


Papalook, an industry-leading webcam expert seeking to connect people with technology, is set to strengthen its business expansion in Europe as it moves into 2021. Already, this year, the company has generated sales of more than 200,000 cameras in the European market. As part of its expansion strategy, Papalook recently launched more than 300 offline advertisements across Greater London, to enhance the visibility of its brand and products.

“As the global pandemic has made online work and communications the new norm, Papalook’s focus moving forward will be creating products that meet emerging user needs,” said David, CEO of Papalook. “We are committed to innovating new products to realize and improve current ways of working, learning, and entertainment to deliver new, exciting, and flawless experiences.”

The company also unveils its plan of product research and development with focus on improving user experience in livestreaming and video conferencing. Aiming to meet the needs of bloggers on livestreaming as well as other scenarios for online meetings, Papalook will further develop wide-angle webcams and features of intelligent audio processing in addition to its HDR 2K and 4K webcam solutions.

As video technology becomes even more important in connecting loved ones and colleagues under new norm, Papalook’s products seek to enable users to stream, study, meet, and chat. The company’s existing products include series of fixed focus cameras, as well as autofocus and manual focus webcams. Its AF925, an autofocus webcam powered by smart facial-tracking AI to quickly and accurately achieve autofocus, is one of the brand’s s best sellers. It is ideal for powering beautiful moments and recording video content online. For those looking to stream like a pro, Papalook’s PA552 is the ultimate professional webcam for broadcasting. Sporting a fixed-focus lens, the webcam brings the best facial image reproduction and color rendition, and adopts advanced portrait reproduction tech for true-to-live streaming.