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This Christmas get engaged with local communities through Chorus

Chorus has announced the release of version 2.1, which expands on its foundation of capturing what is trending in your neighbourhood. This version of the app supports adding posts and stories related to specific events such as Christmas and includes Apple’s App Clip technology, which allows users to access content on the app without having to download it.


“Support for the events category is an important feature for Chorus moving forward”, said Reza Farhad, the app’s CEO and primary designer. “This feature can be about a global event like Christmas, or as local as the Notting Hill Carnival, or anything in between. With events, we can show how a neighbourhood takes on a different flavour at different times, and as the content is generated by the local community, it will highlight their thoughts and impressions.”

A Non-intrusive Social Media Platform

Data shows that 90% of social media users only view content. Chorus’s App Clip is designed for users who want to see what businesses are offering and what’s trending in their area without having to download an app. Additionally, businesses have embraced the concept that in order for a neighbourhood to thrive, they must cross-promote each other and are displaying Chorus’s App Clip card on their premises to do so.


Chorus is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who have combined their vastly different backgrounds to create something truly unique. Half of the team has been in retail for over 20 years, while the other half is an architectural designer with experience in software design and programming. They realised that it is extremely difficult for independent businesses, the cornerstone of neighbourhoods, to compete with large brands in the digital world, especially as social media tools favour big businesses seeking world-wide exposure. Chorus was founded on the principle that local businesses must connect with the local community as they are their primary customers.

However, in order to attract local residents who might have set favourite hangouts, the platform would need to do more than just place businesses on a map. It must create a dynamic eco-system in which users can discover events, deals, and what’s new in their neighbourhood. It must engage the locals by telling the stories of the people and places that make up its community. It must become the go-to source for hidden gems and everything going on locally.

With those objectives in mind, Chorus evolved into a location-based social media and publishing app that promotes what’s trending in a neighbourhood through stories and posts, celebrating the diversity that exists in its urban fabric.

Chorus is not just for Christmas

The Chorus team believes that in order to nurture trust in the platform, it should offer a service that benefits the community and its businesses. To that aim, one of its ongoing initiatives is to organise a “Local Story Competition,” which promotes aspiring local writers in order to promote the neighbourhood from the perspective of the people who live and work there. This is one of their first projects to be followed by others, with the app’s overall goal being to create a synergy between the platform and its users.

Chorus is free for users, and for a limited time, any business that signs up will receive a lifetime free subscription to the app. Chorus is now available from the Apple AppStore.

Chorus believes that a dynamic commercial hub that allows for human interactions is necessary for a neighbourhood to thrive in the digital age. However, in order for businesses to remain viable and compete with online stores, they must have the tools to communicate with their local customers and gain a better understanding of their behaviour patterns and needs. To that end, Chorus aspires to be a service for local businesses and the community, passing information back to the businesses and allowing them to better serve their customers.

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