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Cybersmile and St. Moriz launch partnership on Stop Cyberbullying Day promoting positive body image

© St. Moriz

Self-tanning brand St. Moriz and Cybersmile have joined forces on Stop Cyberbullying Day to promote positive body image across the web.

Following the launch of this year’s Stop Cyberbullying Day event, the anti-bullying charity revealed it would be working with St. Moriz to create interactive education to help young internet users with their physical and mental wellbeing.

The charity also confirmed it would be helping internet users understand how social media and the internet can impact how they see themselves. Among some of the issues that the partnership will address also include low self-esteem and body confidence – a key focus of Cybersmile as they expand their online educational materials.

With its online educational platform providing a variety of specialised quizzes ranging from how to deal with bullying online through to LGBT awareness – the charity’s latest partnership adds a new dimension to their support services.

Other brands the charity have also teamed up with include Instagram and Twitter, who have publicly supported the foundation’s work.

As body image becomes a central topic of conversation, brands are seeking to help their communities through strategic charitable partnerships. With St. Moriz looking out for its customers, it has already received strong support for the move, with other brands likely to follow suit.

Has the internet had an impact on how you think about your body image?