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BigBrainBank disrupts financial brokerage trading ecosystem with digital bank initiative

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BigBrainBank has stepped up a notch with the impending launch of BigBrainBank Digital Bank in the first quarter of 2021. Following the success of TheBrain AI Trade Strategies app which provides trade ideas based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, BigBrainBank steers the brand forward to provide integrated support across various customer touchpoints in the financial services ecosystem.

BigBrainBank Digital Bank is set to disrupt the financial brokerage trading system and spearhead faster, more efficient digital payments, remittances and lending services that are facilitated through systemic collaborative partnership within an integrated app that is safe, secure and seamless. Core services include:

BigBrainBank connects people, technology, broker trading platforms and crowdfunding for microfinancing services – all within one ecosystem. We simplify transactions and payments.

The flow of funds, trades and services are all encompassing while fueling mutual growth, strategic collaboration and cost-benefit-savings for all market players.

We support a crowdfunding platform with mechanisms and resources within an integrated system to support communities and startups.

According to BBB CEO, Dato’ Dr Brendon Yong, “Digital Banking is the way forward as we connect traders and brokers together, and on top of that, reach out to a growing database of customers that are able to connect and converge as we add more products and services to the BigBrainBank Digital Bank portfolio over time.”

Phase 1 ecosystem partners include trusted brokerages such as Tradeview Markets, Lirunex, LMAX and CWG Markets. BigBrainBank is also in the midst of finalizing negotiations with other companies including brokers, banks and financial institutions to bring more brands and support services to reinforce the digital bank structure.

Moving forward, BigBrainBank is embarking on a virtual launch of TheBrain and announcing the next development phase with special promotions for TheBrain subscribers, with the support of various trusted brokers. More details will be announced later.